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6 Colors Satellite Flexo Printing Machine

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Central Drum Type Flexographic Printing machine

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Product Description

Each printing unit around a common impression cylinder is mounted between the two panels. Printing materials were trapping around the common impression cylinder. Because direct drive gear, so whether paper or film, can be very accurate overlay, and the printing process is very stable.

Performance Specification

Machine Type:Central impression for better color registration. With the central impression configuration,The raw material to be printed is supported by the impression cylinder.
Greatly improving color register. Structure:Wherever possible,parts are commonized for availability Wear-resisting design.
Dryer:Hot wind dryer,automatic temperature controller for printing material dry safety,provided by the Separated heater box.
Doctor Blade:Chambered assembly for high-speed printing. Transmission:High performance Vector motor.
Buttons are placed in multiple places for machine start,up speed,down speed,stop,which make operators" convenience.
After machine start,it automatically reach the preset speed. Rewind:High performance AC motor with Period of poor wheel,low friction cylinder for stable web tension.
Color Registration:Push button-controlled in 4 directions:up,down,left,and right,for convenient operation.
Plate Mounting:Button-controlled fine-adjustment for oblique plate mounting. Gearing of Printing Cylinder:Circular pitch 10mms.


*suitable material :rolling type of film.plastic
*print color :
*print width :600 800 1000 1200(mm)
*double unwind &rewind
*servo motor rewind driver
*semi-automatic register colors
*video inspection
*PLC controller


*automatic loading
*shaftless for unwind
*non-stop un&rewind
*Electrostatic treater before print
*Automatic register
*E+L Image static monitoring system
*Ink viscosity controller
*cooling water machine
*Half width 6+6 color print on both sides

Main Technical Parameters

Printing color 6 color
Max.width of Printing Area 1200MM
Max.width of Material Area 300MM
Printing Length(Repeat) 300-1000M
Mechanical Speed 200M/MIN
Machine Power 75-80KW