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CHCI-E Series Ci Flexo Press For Film

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Central Drum Type Flexographic Printing machine

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1、 The machineintroduction & absorption of Europeantechnology/processmanufacturing,. supporting/full functional;
2、 After mounting the plate and registration, no longer need registration, improve yield;
3、 Replacing 1 set of Plate Roller (unloaded old roller, installed new roller aftertightening), only 20 Minute registration can be done by printing;
4. The machine first mountplate, pre-trappingfunction, to be completedin advance prepress trappingin the shortest possible time;
5、 Maximum production machine speed up 200m/min, registration accuracy±0.15mm.6、 The overlay accuracy don't change during lifting running speed up or down;
7、 When machine stop, Tension can be maintained, the substrate is not deviation shift; 8、 The whole production line from the reel to put the finished product to achieve non-stop continuous production, maximize product yield;
9、 With precision structural, easy operation, easy maintenance, high degree ofautomation and soon, only one person can operate;
10. Gearing of Printing cylinder: repeatlengthis 5MM.

Technical specifications:

Model CHCl4-1200E CHCl6-1200E
Color 4 color 6 color
Max. Web Width 1250mm 1250mm
Max. Printing Width 1200mm 1200mm
Printing Material BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, NY.
PE breathable film Etc
Max .Machine Speed 250m/min
Max. Printing Speed 200m/min
Max. Unwind/rewind Dia Φ800mm
Printing repeat 350-800mm
Printing way Full width on one side
Printing plate thickness Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm
(As customer requirement)
Changhong is continuously seeking for development of their products.For this reason.Changhong reserves the right to supply the improved product without advance notise.

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