Stack type flexo printing machine for paper

One of the most significant advantages of the stack type flexo printing machine is ability to print with precision and accuracy. Thanks to its advanced registration control system and cutting-edge plate mounting technology, it ensures exact color matching, sharp imagery, and consistent print results.

Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine For Pp Woven Bag

Stack type PP woven bag flexo printing machine is a high-quality printing machine designed for printing on PP woven bags. This printing machine uses a stack type printing method that ensures high-quality, consistent prints on the bags. It comes with a high-precision plate cylinder and an anilox roller, which ensure that the ink is evenly distributed on the printing surface. The machine also features a digital control system that allows operators to adjust the printing settings according to their needs.

Double Unwinder&Rewinder stack flexo printing machine

stack flexo printing machine is a type of printing machine used for printing on flexible substrates such as plastic films, paper, and non-woven materials.Other features of the stack type flexo printing machine include an ink circulation system for efficient ink usage and a drying system to dry the ink quickly and prevent smudging. Optional parts can be selected on the machine, such as a corona treater for improved surface tension and an automatic registration system for precise printing.

6 Colour Stack Flexo Printing Machine

Stack flexo printing machine is an advanced printing device that is capable of producing high-quality, spotless prints on a variety of materials.  The machine is equipped with a number of features that enable the printing of various processes and production scenarios.  It also offers great flexibility in terms of speed and print size. This machine is ideal for printing high-end labels, flexible packaging, and other applications requiring intricate, high-resolution graphics.

8 Colour Stack Flexo Printing Machine

The Flexo Stack Press is an automated printing system designed to help businesses of any size increase their printing capacity and improve product safety.Its robust, ergonomic design allows for easy maintenance and reliable operation. The stack press can be used to  print on flexible plastics and paper.

4 Colour Stack Flexo Printing Machine

This Stack Type Flexographic Printing Machine is a multi-function machine for printing process. It is equipped with rubber rollers for ink transferring, flexographic printing plates for inking and printing, UV curing system for surface glazing, mechanical variator for flexibility, and tension control system for stable printing. It provides smooth and high efficiency with excellent printing effect. With adjustable speed setting, this machine is suitable for mass production of flexo printing jobs.