8 colour CI flexographic printing machine for plastic film
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8 colour CI flexographic printing machine for plastic film

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  • The machine introduction & absorption of European technology / process manufacturing, supporting / full functional.
  • After mounting the plate and registration, no longer need registration, improve yield.
  • Replacing 1 set of Plate Roller (unloaded old roller, installed six new roller after tightening), only 20 Minute registration can be done by printing.
  • The machine first mount plate, pre-trapping function, to be completed in advance prepress trapping in the shortest possible time.
  • Maximum production machine speed up 200m/min, registration accuracy ±0.10mm.
  • The overlay accuracy does not change during lifting running speed up or down.
  • When machine stop, Tension can be maintained, the substrate is not deviation shift.
  • The whole production line from the reel to put the finished product to achieve non-stop continuous production, maximize product yield.
  • With precision structural, easy operation, easy maintenance, high degree of automation and so on, only one person can operate.

Technical Specifications

Model CHCI8-600E CHCI8-800E CHCI8-1000E CHCI8-1200E
Max. Web Width 650mm 850mm 1050mm 1250mm
Max. Printing Width 550mm 750mm 950mm 1150mm
Max. Machine Speed 300m/min
Printing Speed 250m/min
Max. Unwind/Rewind Dia. φ800mm
Drive Type Gear drive
Plate thickness Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm (or to be specified)
Ink Water base ink or solvent ink
Printing length (repeat) 400mm-900mm
Electrical supply Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Unwinder unit

EPC (edge position control): Set and run four roll type automatically EPC ultrasonic detector system; With manually/automatically/ central return function, can adjust left and right around ±65mm width.


Printing Unit

  • Color: 8 Color
  • Drive mode: Gear Drive
  • Drive motor : Servo Motor drive ; Inverter control close loop control
  • Printing way : 1)Plate -Photopolymer plate ; 2)Ink--water base or solvent ink
  • Printing Repeat: 400-900mm
  • Gearing of printing cylinder: 5mm

Doctor blade

  • Chamber blade  8 pcs
  • Both way blade aluminium alloy ink box.
  • Closed ink tank(original import use life 30-60days).
  • Blade open and close by manual (Safety).
  • Equipped with doctor chamber for fast change.
  • It is made from Aluminum alloy and closed type to reduce solvent volatilization and keep the ink in good viscosity and clean.
  • There is forward and reverse directions doctor inside the chamber. The reverse doctor is for sealing the chamber and the forward doctor is for scratching the ink.

Big Central Drum

  • Diameter: Ф1600mm
  • The central drum adopt hollow with two layers structure, made from superior alloy steel and precise dynamic balance treatment and surface electroplated treatment to make the frame surface without etching.
  • The central impressing drum adopts high precise imported double row roller.
6 colour CI printing machine (2)

Dryer between each color

  • Stainless steel cover, aluminium alloy spray nozzle.

Drying system

  • Hot air mode:Electrical heating, transformed  into circulating air heating by  heat exchanger. Temperature control adopts intelligent temperature control, contactless solid-state relay, set 2 control, suit to different technology、environment production, save energy consumption, enforce PID temperature control and temperature control precision,±2℃.

Drying oven structure

  • Dry oven has independent fan for intake air and independent fan for air exhaust. By control the supply air rate and adjust air damper, the machine printing process will get the best wind speed、wind pressure, higher drying oven heat efficiency, and save energy consumption; Cylinder control the drying oven opening and closing, with guard bar and walkway floor.
singliemg4gsg (3)

Single rewind

  • Automatic stop machine when break the material; When machine stop, keep tension and avoid the material loose or line deflection.
  • Air shaft loading
  • Inspection light
6 colour CI printing machinesig (2)

Image static monitoring system

  • Camera check speed: 1.0m/min
  • Check range: depends on the material width, arbitrarily setting. It is ok for  adjustable point monitor or automatic back and forth.
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Printing Samples

Printing Samples (1)

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