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How to storage and use the printing plate

The printing plate should be hung on a special iron frame, classified and numbered for easy handling, the room should be dark and not exposed to strong light, the environment should be dry and cool, and the temperature should be moderate (20°-  27°). In summer, it should be placed in an air-conditioned room, and it must be kept away from ozone. The environment should be clean and free from dust.

The correct cleaning of the printing plate can extend the life of the printing plate. During the printing process or after printing, you must use a brush or sponge stockings dipped in the washing potion (if you have no conditions, you can use washing powder soaked in tap water) to scrub, scrub in a circular motion (not too hard), thoroughly scrub the paper scraps, dust, debris, grit, and residual ink thoroughly, and finally rinse with tap water. If these dirts are not clean, especially if the ink dries up, it will not be easy to remove it, and it will cause pasting plate during the next printing. It will be difficult to clean it by scrubbing on the machine at that time, and excessive force can easily cause partial damage to the printing plate and affect the use. After scrubbing, let it dry and place it in a thermostatic plate room.


Fault Phenomenon Reason Solution
curly The printing plate is placed and curls If the produced printing plate is not printed on the machine for a long time, and it is not put in a PE plastic bag for storage as required, but is exposed to the air, the printing plate will also be bent. If the printing plate is curled, put it in 35°-45° warm water and soak it for 10-20 minutes, take it out and dry it again to restore it to normal.
Cracking There are small irregular gap in the printing plate The printing plate is corroded by ozone in the air Eliminate ozone and seal it in a black PE plastic bag after use.
Cracking There are small irregular gap in the printing plate After the printing plate is printed, the ink is not wiped clean, or a plate-washing solution that is corrosive to the printing plate is used, the ink corrodes the printing plate or the auxiliary additives on the ink corrode the printing plate. After the printing plate is printed, it is wiped clean with a plate-wiping liquid. After it is dried, it is sealed in a black PE plastic bag and placed in a plate room with a constant temperature.

Post time: Dec-28-2021