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What is the operation process of flexo printing machine trial printing?

  1. Start the printing press, adjust the printing cylinder to the closing position, and carry out the first trial printing
  2. Observe the first trial printed samples on the product inspection table, check the registration, printing position, etc., to see if there are any problems, and then make supplementary adjustments to the printing machine according to the problems, so that the printing cylinder is in the vertical and horizontal directions. can overprint correctly.
  3. Start the ink pump, adjust the amount of ink to be sent properly, and send ink to the ink roller.
  4. Start the printing press for the second trial printing, and the printing speed is determined according to the predetermined value. The printing speed depends on factors such as past experience, printing materials, and quality requirements of printed products. Generally, trial printing paper or waste pages are used for trial printing materials, and the specified formal printing materials are used as little as possible.
  5. Check the color difference and other related defects in the second sample, and make corresponding adjustments. When the color density is abnormal, the viscosity of the ink can be adjusted or the ceramic anilox roller LPI can be adjusted; when there is a color difference, the ink can be replaced or reconfigured as required; other defects can be adjusted according to the specific situation.
  6. check. When product is qualified, it can be checked again after a small amount of printing. The formal printing will not be continued until the printed matter meets the quality requirements.
  7. Printing. During printing, continue to check the registration, color difference, ink volume, ink drying, tension, etc. If there is any problem, it should be adjusted and corrected in time.

—————————————————–Reference source ROUYIN JISHU WENDA

Post time: Apr-29-2022