Economical CI printing machine

Economical CI printing machine

Flexo Printing Machine short for central impression flexography, is a printing method that uses flexible plates and a central impression cylinder to produce high-quality, large-scale prints on a variety of materials. This printing technique is commonly used for labeling and packaging applications, including food packaging, beverage labeling, and more.

  • Model: CH-J Series
  • Machine Speed: 200m/min
  • Number of Printing Decks: 4/6/8
  • Drive Method: Gear Drive
  • Heat Source: Gas, Steam,Hot oil, Electrical heating
  • Electrical Supply: Voltage 380V.50 HZ.3PH or to be specified
  • Main Processed Materials: Films, Paper, Non-Woven, Aluminium foil
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    Technical Specifications

    Model CHCI-J (Customizable to fit production and market requirements)
    Max. Web Width 650mm 850mm 1050mm 1250mm
    Max. Printing Width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
    Max. Machine Speed               200m/min
    Printing Speed               200m/min
    Max. Unwind/Rewind Dia.               Φ 800mm/Φ1200mm/Φ1500mm
    Drive Type               Gear drive
    Plate thickness               Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm (or to be specified)
    Ink               Water base ink or solvent ink
    Printing length (repeat)               350mm-900mm
    Range Of Substrates               Film, Paper, Nonwoven, Aluminum Foil
    Electrical supply               Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

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    Machine Features

    ● Method:Central impression for better color registration. With the central impression con figuration,theprinted material is supported by the cylinder,and greatly improving color         registration, especially with extensible materials.
    ● Structure: Wherever possible, parts are communized for availability and wear-resisting design.
    ● Dryer: Hot wind dryer, automatic temperature controller, and separated heat source.
    ● Doctor blade: Chamber doctor blade type assembly for high-speed printing.
    ● Transmission: Hard gear surface, high precision Decelerate Motor, and encoder buttons are placed on both control chassis and body for operations convenience.
    ● Rewind: Micro Decelerate Motor, drive Magnetic Powder and Clutch, with PLC control tension stability.
    ● Gearing of Printing cylinder: repeat length is 5MM.
    ● Machine Frame: 100MM thick iron plate. No vibration at high speed and have a long service life.

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    Packaging and Delivery



    Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

    A: We are a factory, the real manufacturer not trader.

    Q: Where is your factory and how can I visit it?

    A: Our factory is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China about 40 minutes by plane from Shanghai ( 5 hours by train)

    Q: What is your after-sale service?

    A: We have been in flexo printing machine business for many years, we will send our professional engineer to install and test machine.
        Beside, we can also provide online support, video technical support, matching parts delivery, etc. So our after-sales services is always reliable.

    Q: How to get machines price?

    A: Pls provide following information:
    1)The color number of printing machine;
    2)Material width and effective print width;
    3)What material to print;
    4)The photo of printing sample.

    Q: What services do you have?

    A: 1 Year Guarantee !
        100% Good Quality !
        24 Hours online Service!
        The buyer paid tickets ( go and back to wenzhou), and pay 100usd/day during the install and testing period!

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