Economical CI printing machine
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Economical CI printing machine

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6 colour CI printing machine (2)

Machine Features

  • Method:Central impression for better color registration. With the central impression con figuration,theprinted material is supported by the cylinder,and greatly improving color registration, especially with extensible materials.
  • Structure: Wherever possible, parts are communized for availability and wear-resisting design.
  • Dryer: Hot wind dryer, automatic temperature controller, and separated heat source.
  • Doctor blade: Chamber doctor blade type assembly for high-speed printing.
  • Transmission: Hard gear surface, high precision Decelerate Motor, and encoder buttons are placed on both control chassis and body for operations convenience.
  • Rewind: Micro Decelerate Motor, drive Magnetic Powder and Clutch, with PLC control tension stability.
  • Gearing of Printing cylinder: repeat length is 5MM.
  • Machine Frame: 100MM thick iron plate. No vibration at high speed and have a long

Technical Specifications

Model CHCI-J (Customizable to fit production and market requirements)
Max. Web Width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max. Printing Width 550mm 750mm 950mm 1150mm
Max. Machine Speed 150m/min
Printing Speed 120m/min
Max. Unwind/Rewind Dia. Φ 800mm/Φ1200mm/Φ1500mm
Drive Type Gear drive
Plate thickness Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm (or to be specified)
Ink Water base ink or solvent ink
Printing length (repeat) 400mm-900mm
Electrical supply Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Single unwinder unit

  • Max.unwinder diameter: Φ800mm
  • Tension control: ±0.3kg
  • Unwinder way: Single Central Unwind ; With 5KG magnetic power and automatic tension controller 1pcs
  • EPC System for unwind : 1 set
  • Unwind material holder: air shaft 3’’, 1 pcs
  • Unwind web cylinder: Φ76mm (inner diameter)

Auto tension Controller -1 Set

  • Without the influence of dust and dirt, it can control the tension towards different kinds of substrate. It can remain the machine’s tension stable as much as possible.

Web Guide -1Set

  • In the process of the machine run, It can make the product aligned and correct the deviation of the coil in a timely manner.
Single Central Unwind

Single Central Unwind




Auto loading in unwinder

It’s easy to transport and loading material


Shaftless Unwinder

Printing Unit

  • Type :Ci Type – Central drum
  • Number of printing decks : 4/6 (one side printing, full width)
  • Suitable Ink: Water-based ink or Oil-based ink
  • Printing Plate: Resin or Rubber
  • Constitution of Printing: Anilox roller, Rubber roller,  Chrome plated roller, Printing cylinder, Resin version
  • Anilox roller Cermaic: anilox roller (4/6pcs),Japan murata
  • Printing cylinder 1 Set (4/6pcs)
  • Plate rollers lifting By hydraumatic, when it start ,hydro-cylinder push ceramic anilox roller  near the printing cylinder inking ,plate cylinder near to central  drum printing, locked hydro-cylinder after printing.
  • Printing Pressure: Mechanical adjust
  • Doctor blade : Enclosed Chamber doctor blades 4/6 pcs
  • Adjusting of Register: Motorized longitudinal registration and Motorized Transversal registration, PLC control

Printing cylinder—4/6pcs

  • Within 40cm in the machine
  • Printing repeat : 400-900mm
  • Generally used for plate making, copper plating on the roller surface. Then engraving pattern, then coated with a layer of chromium. It usually used in
  • plastic packaging.

Ceramic Anilox roller -4/6 pcs

  • Control the thickness of ink,transfer ink evenly
  • Improve the printing quality
  • As different material .choose different LPI for each unit (The best effect.200-800LPI )
  • The precision of dynamic balancing: 10g.
  • Automatic mixing the ink when halt machine.

Central Drum

  • Diameter : Φ800mm/ Φ1200mm
  • For the best color registration .with the central impression configuration .the printed material is supported by the cylinder. and greatly improving color registration .especially with extensible materials.

Enclosed chamber doctor blade -4/6 pcs

  • With Two way cycle ink spill the ink . even the ink .save the ink
  • Improve the printing quality
  • Special for high speed printing pretend the ink splashing

Overhead crane -1 set

  • Customer can choose manual crane or power crane.
  • It’s easy to lift the materials
Overhead crane -1 set
PLC System - 1 set

PLC System - 1 set

  • Control machine and color register

Video Inspection – 1 set

  • Check the printing quality on the video screen
Video Inspection – 1 set
Video Inspection – 1 set

Register adjustment By electric

  • Motorized longitudinal registration and Motorized Transversal registration, PLC control
Register adjustment By electric

Heating and Drying unit

  • Dryer on each color: Electrical heat drying .
  • Double Blower way circle: Centralized heat, exhaust gas pump back.

Single rewind unit

  • Max.rewinder diameter: Φ800mm
  • Tension control: ±0.3kg
  • Rewinder way: Center winder, with 10KG magnetic powder and clutch.
  • Automatic tension controller 1pcs
  • Rewind material holder: air shaft 3’’, 1 pcs
  • Rewind web cylinder: Φ76mm (inner diameter)
  • Rubber roller: Banana roller 1 pcs
Single rewind unit


Surface rewind unit

Surface rewind unit

printed sample

Main processed materials





Non woven

Non woven

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil

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