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The quality standards for flexo printing plates

What are the quality standards for flexo printing plates?

1.Thickness consistency. It is an important quality indicator of flexo printing plate. The stable and uniform thickness is an important factor to ensure high-quality printing effect. Different thicknesses will cause printing problems such as inaccurate color register and uneven layout pressure.

2.The depth of embossing. The height requirement for embossing during plate making is generally 25~35um. If the embossing is too shallow, the plate will be dirty and the edges will be raised. If the embossing is too high, it will cause hard edges in the line version, pinholes in the solid version and obvious edge effects, and even cause the embossing to collapse.

3.Residual solvent (spots). When the plate is dry and ready to be taken out of the dryer, be sure to watch for spots. After the printing plate is rinsed, once the rinse liquid is left on the surface of the printing plate, spots will appear through drying and evaporation. Spots may also appear on the sample during printing.

4.The hardness. The post-exposure step in the plate-making process determines the final hardness of the printing plate, as well as the printing plate's endurance and solvent and pressure resistance.

The steps to check the quality of the printing plate

1.Firstly, check the surface quality of the printing plate to see if there are scratches, damages, creases, residual solvents, etc.

2.Check whether the surface and reverse of the plate pattern are correct or not.

3.Measure the thickness of the printing plate and the height of the embossing.

4.Measure the hardness of the printing plate

5.Touch the surface of the plate lightly with your hand to check the viscosity of the plate

6.Check the dot shape with a 100x magnifying glass

-----------------------------------------------------Reference source ROUYIN JISHU WENDA


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