What is metal chrome plated anilox roller?What are the characteristics?

metal chrome plated anilox roller is a type of anilox roller made of low carbon steel or copper plate welded to the steel roll body. Cells are completed by mechanical engraving. Usually the depth is 10~15pm, spacing 15~20um, Then proceed to chrome plating, the thickness of the plating layer is 17.8pm.

What is a sprayed ceramic anilox roller? What are the characteristics?

a sprayed ceramic anilox roller refers to spraying on the textured surface by plasma method Synthetic ceramic powder with a layer thickness of 50.8um, to fill the grid with ceramic powder. This type of anilox roller uses a coarse grid to equal the volume of the engraved fine grid. The hardness of the ceramic anilox roll is much harder than that of the chrome-plated anilox roll. Doctor blade can be used on it.

What are the characteristics of laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers?

Before making the laser engraved ceramic anilox roller, the surface of the steel roller body must be cleaned by sandblasting to increase the adhesion of the surface of the steel roller body. Then use flame spraying method to spray non-corrosive metal powder on the surface of the steel roller body, or weld the steel to the substrate to reach the required diameter to form a dense steel roller substrate, and finally use the flame spray method to oxidize a special ceramic chromium The powder is sprayed onto the steel roller body. After polishing with diamond, the roller surface has a mirror finish and ensures the coaxiality. Then, the steel roller body is installed on the laser engraving machine for engraving, forming mesh ink holes with neat arrangement, the same shape, and the same depth.

The anilox roller is a key component of the flexographic printing machine to ensure the short ink path transfer and uniform ink quality. Its function is to quantitatively and uniformly transfer the required ink to the graphic part of the printing plate. When printing at high speed, it can also prevent ink splash


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