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How to select your tape when flexo printing

Flexo printing needs to print dots and solid lines at the same time. What is the hardness of the mounting tape that needs to be selected?
A.Hard tape
B.Neutral tape
C.Soft tape
D.All of the above
According to the information provided by Feng Zheng, a senior engineer from 3M's industrial tape department, in the "Flexo Printing Technology Manager Training" sponsored by "CI FLEXO TECH", double-sided tape with intermediate hardness is more suitable for printing dots and on-site at the same time.
As well as the commercial promotional materials published by tesa in the "CI FLEXO TECH" magazine, the neutral and nearby hardness, except for the super soft and super hard double-sided tape, can basically meet the requirements of the topic.
Liu Jungang, Technical Manager of Shanghai Ziquan Flexo Printing, published in the 10th issue of "Printing Technology" in 2011, "Precautions in the Process of Soft Packaging Products" When printing on the printing plate, in order to take into account the printing effects of the two, neutral or neutral harder plate mounting tape should be used.
It can be seen that the original intention of answers A and C is super hard and super soft double-sided tape. If you understand this way, then choose B.


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Post time: Jan-05-2022