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What are the cleaning steps of the double roller inking system?

  • Turn the ink pump off and disconnect the power to stop the f ow of ink.
  • Pump c eaning so ution throughout the system to make it easier to c ean.
  • Remove the ink supp y hose from the co or unit.
  • Make the ink roer stop running.
  • Re ease the pressure between the ink roer and the ani ox roer.
  • Move the ink return hose from the ink pump to the c eaning container.
  • Reset the pressure between the ani ox and ink roers andet them run again.
  • Whi e the ani ox and inker ros are running s ow y, rinse both ros with c eaning so ution. The so ution wi wash the ink off the surface of the roer. Thorough c eaning requires mu tip e passes of the c eaning so ution through two opposing roers to remove the ink.
  • On y re ease the pressure on one end of the ink roer and ani ox roer.
  • Wipe the ani ox ro. Start on the side where the pressure has been re eased. Wipe with a fo ded rag or towesoaked in c eaning so ution. If water-based ink is used, it is best to keep the ink fountain roer and ani ox roer moist untithe ink is washed off. Otherwise, it wi be difficu t to wash off the dried inkater.
  • When wiping to the end of the roer, re ease the pressure off the other end. Comp ete the wipe of the ani ox roer. Wipe the ink roer with the method of wiping the ani ox roer. Stop the ink roer and c ean the end of the ani ox roer and ink roer.
  • Wipe the roers with propanoto remove residue from the soapy water used to wash water-based inks.



-----------------------------------------------------Reference source ROUYIN JISHU WENDA

Post time: Jan-26-2022